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We will quote up to $450 for your personal site, Freelance Assist comes with a Ascent Web Publishing package... Experience says that keeping updated is critical and because the site launch is just the beginning. Training is provided for your site editors but FA will help. Get more about a new Ascent Publishing Site or upgrade.

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    we Build Your

    What We Will Do

    Design It

    Design copy and images from our client forms the foundation of all the elements of the site. We present you with the outline and our client for approval to Build...

    Build It

    Using the State of the Art elements for the project we present a stage view as the site takes shape while all elements and products are added...

    Publish It

    Final details are approved and the site will go live for building a business online . Freelance assist is part of the package for ongoing touch ups and training staff.

    "Wow" Thanks for showing us what is possible, your skills and judgement are outstanding. You probably knocked up that page in just 10 mins... thank you.
    Freelance Assistant
    Designer Developer

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